Social Media Marketing

In the present digital life social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram have greater impact and its fundamentally now the part of our day today life

The social media marketing grow your business brand awareness, relationship with your clients and website traffic.

Case Study

A men’s wear company introduced new style of products they want to reach their latest collection to the youngsters who loves fashion

So that company approaches to Toqse to reach their brand awareness campaigns to maximum people in the limit of their marketing budget effectively.

Our team successfully run the campaign and their by increased the company’s sales in outstanding way.

Now the company runs successful run in the market and the overall turnover is increased over the past few years

Social Media Management

 Toqse provides best in classs social media management plans to help you develop a custom strategy and social media pages that drive results for your business. Our social media management plans allow you to choose the number of platforms you want to use to build a social strategy tailored to your budget and goals.

With all of our advanced social media plans, you will receive network setup and optimization, a social media competitive analysis and brand reputation analysis, a social media audit and custom recommendations, a dedicated social media account manager, daily monitoring of your social media account, access to Toqse’s content publishing tools, editorial calendar and social media contest tools, monthly reporting, access to our CRM, cover photo and profile photo design, and more.


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